Research _ETE


The Department is conducting research in the following core areas:

  •  Wireless communications and networking
  • Power-line communications
  • Mobile software development
  • Virtual Instrument Systems including iLAB
  • eLearning
  • Optical fibre communication
  • Embedded Systems Design and Implementation
  • Synchronization and design for high speed digital communication
  • Signal processing techniques and their applications in meteorology and radio-   climatology,
  • Speech synthesis and speech-based recognition,
  • Development of non-inversive measurement systems
  • Electronics for solar applications.


 The Department offers consultancies and services in all areas of electronics and telecommunication engineering. Such consultancies include:

  •  Designing of circuits and systems for various applications
  • Developing and conducting specialized short term professional courses
  • Designing of circuits and systems for solar applications
  • Preparation and evaluation of tender documents
  • Designing of data communication networks and preparation of design drawings and specifications