Digital Video Editing Course Outlines

Attending this workshop is the perfect way to get a hands-on introduction to video production. Various lectures by video experts cover the fundamental techniques of shooting, miking, editing and lighting.
Attendees form production teams to put these techniques into actual hands-on practice. Attendees plan a project together, shoot it on the nearby location, edit the footage, then screen the results at the end of the workshop.


1.Video editing principle and techniques

  • precise look at the artistic and aesthetic principles and practices of editing for both picture and sound

2.Introduction to Premiere

  • Introduction to digital video and formats
  • Adobe Premiere Workflow Setting up a new project Understanding the Interface

3.Importing Importing Footage Importing Stills

  • Dealing with missing media
  • Using the Source Monitor


  • Capturing from Tape
  • Logging Tapes


  • Using the Project panel
  • Organising items in bin

6.Editing in the Timeline Navigating the timeline Using tracks

  • Selecting clips
  • Moving clips
  • Edits: Trim, Rolling, Slip and Slide
  • Lifting and extracting clips
  • The pacing of cuts
  • Good editing practices


  • Changing the speed of a clip using the Rate Stretch tool Time remapping a clip Playing a clip backwards Creating Freeze frames


  • Types of transitions (examples) Adding a transition
  • Adjusting a transition in the Effects Panel

9.Previewing a Sequence

  • Previewing a Sequence
  • Reconnecting missing previews


  • Editing audio
  • Controlling gain
  • Rubber-banding clip levels

11.Animating Motion and Effects

  • What is a keyframe
  • Animating Motion


  • Export to tape
  • Export to a file for the internet
  • Export to DVD