College of ICT

Computer Science and Engineering

The department’s core mission is to provide quality teaching, research and public service within its core disciplines in Computer Science and Engineering.


Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

The mission of the department is to deliver high quality training, to produce high quality publications, and to produce high quality products, including innovations and inventions in electronics and communication sectors.


Centre for Virtual Learning

Coordinates the implementation of technology enhnaced learning programs within and outside the University. Moreover, CVL conducts research and consultancy in all aspects of technology enhnaced learning


Final Year Students Projects

The final year project is the largest single piece of work assigned to students throughout their degree. It is intended both to consolidate the skills gained throughout the degree programme as well as prepare students to undertake and participate in projects upon graduation.



Smart Grid Capacity Development and Enhancement in Tanzania

This iGRID research training programme project is built along three basic pillars: innovation, research and education. All the three components will feature in this project encouraging entrepreneurs to develop sustainable innovative business opportunities in facilitating the use of ICT in the electrical power system by introducing intelligence at all levels of the system to ensure efficient and effective management of the electrical power system in Tanzania to provide conducive environment for business and services growth and comfort in households, and promote societal inclusiveness throughout the whole country.



Local games to enhance numeracy skills for primary schools

Weredesign and digitize local games played by Tanzanian children all over the country into digital format for the aim of improving their numeracy and life skills. The games can be played online or in tablets.


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