Tanzania Open Data Lab

The Tanzania Data Lab will be an open work space where data from multiple sectors and sources can be combined, processed, and shared to drive better policies and decision-making. The Lab will be a center of activity, connecting the data revolution to national priorities, global commitments, and diverse programs and investments. It will serve as an anchor for the DCLI program, enabling data analysis and use to become more prominent in decision-making in Tanzania.

Lab activities will include training in data literacy and analysis, focused content-area data analytics, and the development of “use cases” to showcase how data can be used to improve lives. The Data Lab will support the development of a roadmap, assisting Tanzania in monitoring progress toward meeting the SDGs.


The Data Collaborative for Local Impact (DCLI) model hinges on four interconnected investments that together address the root causes of insufficient and ineffective use of data by country-level stakeholders and strengthen the overall data ecosystem. These are:

  • dLab: Promoting innovation and data literacy through a premier center of excellence. http://www.dlab.or.tz
  • DLI Innovation Challenge: Identifying, networking and supporting youth and entrepreneurs to create data-driven innovations for real life problems http://dliinnovationchallenge.com
  • Global Partnership for Sustainable Development: Strengthening data-driven decision making to achieve the SDGs http://www.data4sdgs.org
  • Data Zetu: Making data meaningful and accessible to spark citizen action at the community level  www.datazetu.or.tz


The resources pillar of the dLab focuses on the development of resources to support the Open Data Lab ecosystem. This includes an open data portal for / by the civil society to promote use and publication of data generated by projects and organizations such as IATI, World Bank, AfDB etc. This open data portal forms the core of online assets of the dLab. This is further supplemented by other online resources, such as a resource directory that enables interested organization to source resources for specific projects and related activities


The engagement pillar of the dLab focuses on awareness raising and building linkages with the Open Data community. This include organization of events, boot camps, meetups, fellowships etc. supplemented by fostering a developer community engagement working with the public and private sector to make available technical skills, mentoring and networking opportunities to ultimately develop Open Data Innovation support network. This also involves developing and highlighting potential success stories on priority sectors such as Health and other priority sectors in Tanzania including Water, Education and Agriculture.

It is also responsible for community collaboration and cooperation with existing in-country initiatives such as Tanzania Open Data Initiatives (TODI), Big Results Now (BRN) etc. to ensure that the national roadmap is mainstreamed and the lab also acts as the coordinator with civil society organizations and their data needs and requirements. This enables the lab to act as an effective broker in discussions with public authorities. Such activities may include collaboration on policy development and monitoring and evaluation activities and close collaboration with global data alliances such as the Africa Data Consensus.

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