Road Safety Management

Road Safety Management - Project period 2013 – 2016 and is funded by Tanzania Communication and Regulatory Authority (TCRA). 6 MSc. students are benefiting from this project.

The project is investigating on how ICT can be used to make our roads safer learning from experiences of developing countries. Our experts have developed an open source based integration system (called iRoad 2) for managing road safety. iRoad 2 has a number of features which are operational and is online with address

The system is being developed under a project called Road safety which is funded by the Tanzania Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

The Road safety Project is a research based project. It focuses on investigating and proposing ICT solutions for the purpose of reducing accidents in Tanzania.

The project is looking at accidents mitigation by integrating new and existing solutions using information and communication technology (ICT).

Thus, the development of the iRoad system is based on the analysis and findings gathered from various stakeholders. These are road safety stakeholders, government ministries, Dar es Salaam City Council, Government departments, regulators as well as revenue authority.

The iRoad has integrated solution approach to capture different scenarios such as recording and transmitting of accident scene, car registration and use validity.

In addition, the software will capture driving license facility (registration and validation), reporting and recording of traffic offence, vehicle and driver offence tracking, reports and statistics and insurance information.

The iRoad software will be owned by road safety stakeholders and managed by an authorized agent to be appointed by stakeholders.

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