Sensor Empowerment and Accountability in Tanzania

Sensor Empowerment and Accountability in Tanzania(SEMA) Project: Water Points Information Reporting Systems –. Project duration 2014 – 2016. Funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.

The projects aims to transform the information infrastructure of public water services through two approaches:

  • The use of ICT to implement real time reports on the functionality of public Rural Water Supply (RWS) and
  • Facilitation of behaviour change among relevant stakeholders in RWS. The SEMA project is running in 4 districts namely: Bunda, Morogoro Rural, Njombe and Mufindi.

The research empowers citizens with mobile phones (human sensors) in Tanzania, to report shortcomings and publicize them on the Internet (web) as resources to detect and remedy failures in public services and hence to exact accountability from officials. Through this project, a ‘human sensor web (HSW)’ comprises ordinary citizens with mobile phones (‘human sensors’) and free & open source geographic ‘web’ services. SEMA developed USSD app and backend database.

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