The college offers the following programs in two of its departments.

Table: A list of Programmes and Current Fees Structure
Sn. Programme Name Duration Fees
  Computer Science and Engineering programs    
1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc. in CS), 3 Years TZS 1,300,000/=
2. Bachelor of Science with Computer Science (BSc. with CS), 3 Years TZS 1,500,000/=
3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Information Technology (BSc. in CIT), 4 Years TZS 1,500,000/=
5. Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology (BSc. BIT) 3 Years TZS 1,500,000/=
  Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering programs    
6. Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering 4 Years TZS 1,500,000/=
7. Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering 4 Years TZS 1,500,000/=

For more datails about these programs, please visit department of computer science and engineering, and the department of electronics and telecommunication

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